Awarding Scholarships to members of Alberta Junior Hockey

How to Apply

In order to be considered for a scholarship, all documents and requested information must be completed and provided.

What are the basic criteria for applying?

1. Charles S. Noble applicants must be taking a FULL course in the year of application at a registered post secondary school in Alberta. They must also have been or are currently a carded member of a junior hockey team in Alberta.

2. Friends Scholarship applicants must be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary education program in Alberta, and taking a minimum of 3 courses per semester during the year of application. They must be currently a carded player with a junior hockey team registered in Alberta, or having played junior hockey in Alberta, and are now attending a post sceondary school in Alberta. Applicants are eligible for scholarship application after graduation from juinor eligibility for each year of full tenure ( 30 games minimum per year) with a registered junior team in Alberta.

What are the time frames for applications

The deadline for the Charles S. Noble application is December 1st of the current hockey year. The Noble applications can be found at  Look in the scholarships section and then athlete section. 

The deadline for the Friends Scholarship application and transcripts is January 10 of the current hockey year. applications can be filled in online on this website.