Friends of AJH Scholarships 2016/2017 season

The fall 2016 semester transcripts are now available to students attending post secondary institutions in Alberta, and therefore we are now accepting applications for this year’s  ‘Friends’ scholarships.

the deadline for applications to be received is January 22, 2017.

REMINDER: all applications MUST HAVE a current fall 2016 semester transcript attached, and it is recommended that you attach your high school transcript, especially if you are a first year post secondary student. The more academic information you can attach will allow the selection committee to better assess your application.

Applications will be reviewed, and scholarships will be awarded on your academic achievements, your community involvement, and your future goals upon graduation from school.

please note that if you applied for a Charles Noble Scholarship in December of 2016, all applications for that award are automatically being sent to be reviewed for a Friends scholarship, so you do not need to submit a new application, however IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU SEND VIA EMAIL TO BGREENER2011@GMAIL.COM A COPY OF YOUR FALL 2016 TRANSCRIPT.  Application deadline is Jan 22, 2017.